Fifa 13 Point Generator V9.21 (Updated 6/06/2013)

The New And Improved Ritu6732 Data Base

What Is The Data Base?

The Data Base Is A Very Simple But Valuable Thing. The Data Base Is A File On The Ea Computers Which Are Protected By
IP Trackers, Dump File System And Much More. The Data Base Hold And Protects All The Money, Players, Consumables, Fifa Points And Much Much More!

Fifa Point Dilevery Times

With A Wide Variety Of Points To Choose From There Is
A Wide Range Of Delivery Times. This Delay Is Caused
By The Data Base Transition From One Account To Another

Fifa Points
5000 Fifa Points x 1.5 Hours
7500 Fifa Points x 3.0 Hours
10000 Fifa Points x 5.0 Hours

Fifa Coins
25000 x 1.3 Hours
50000 x 2.0 Hours
10000 x 3.5 Hours

Fifa Player
All Players x 2.0 Hours

About The Generator

Fifa 13 Point Generator V9.21 Its The Newest Version Of
This Wonderful Hack. This Hack Enables Yourself To Get
Any Quantity Of Fifa Points, Coins And Players. 

This Hack Will Help You And Your Freinds To Get The Biggest And The Best Team You Have Ever Seen! 

V9.21 Bug Fixes

The New Version Of Fifa 13 Point Generator Has Fixed Many Bugs Such As; 

- All New And Improved Data Base (Ritu6732)
- Points, Players And Coins Not Going Into The Account
- Web Application Crash Fix
- Our 12 Hour In Account Guarantee
- Account Lock Error
- Database Error 3921 And 0041

Contact Us

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Confirmation Of Fifa Points

 Thank you From All The Crew At FifaHacks.Org

Thank you For Submitting Your Point Generation Please Log Back Into 
The Designated Account Within The Delivery Time To Reveal Your
Fifa Points 

For Any Further Details Or Questions Please Do Not Hesitate To Canotact Us At;



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